Climate Justice and ‘Thank You Omu!’

Last class we read various children’s books and how they related to environmental sustainability, or more specifically, the Bali Principles of Climate Justice. I listened to ‘Thank you Omu!’ by Oge Mora. The story was about an old woman name Omu who made a huge pot of delicious red stew. Everyone in the neighborhood could smell ir from her window and, one by one, they came to her house to have some of it. First it was a little boy, then a police officer, and then everyone else. Since she was a very generous woman, Omu gave the people a small portion of her stew, but by the end of their visits, she had no more stew left. She was very upset because now she doesn’t have anything to eat for dinner. At the end of the story, everyone that took some stew came back to her house all at once and gave her food. They all fit into her small apartment and ate dinner happily together. This sweet story also poses as a metaphor of how we should treat the earth. Earth has so many resources that we can use, but if we keep taking them without replacing them, they’re eventually going to disappear. The Bali Principles of Climate Justice also stresses the importance of commuities coming together to make a difference, and this story is an example of how a group of people can come together to make a difference. I really liked this lesson. It was extremely refreshing to learn about sustainability through the lense of a children’s story. Even though I am a college student, it was still very sweet to learn about this topic with stories targeted towards children.

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