Reactions to “Braiding Sweetgrass” and “Exposure”

Both of these texts were surprising and riveting in different ways. Braiding Sweetgrass presented views of nature which I have never even considered. Not growing up as a Native American made me miss out on these really beautiful views of the world around us. Every flower, tree, animal… even celestial bodies were personified and given their own personality and role to play in the world. I think it’s really lovely how even tiny seeds are given as much importance as any other living being. Another interesting viewpoint that stuck with me is that Robin Wall Kimmerer struggled with her views of nature as a native and as a scientist. Both of these often clashed, and even her professor said that her views are not practical in the field. She was still able to find a blissful balance with the two, and this duality shows that while science is very important, so is your unique background and own views.

Exposure is a different story. I found it very intriguing but, moreso, very frustrating. Every chapter made my jaw drop at least once. I just cannot believe how people can be so complacent and/or neglectful when it comes to public. And for the sake of what? Money? Companies are so greedy and will do anything if it means they get to make a profit, even if it means jeopardizing others. I just don’t understand how hard it is to put health as sustainability as a first priority and why people are just so willing to be reckless with life. It just angers me and doesn’t make sense. I wasn’t aware of how bad it actually gets until I read Exposure and I’m glad I did. Although it baffles me, I’m happy I was still able to have my eyes opened to this reality so that one day I can hopefully change or prevent it from happening again in my own workplace.

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